-- Composed: Best Buy campaign

— Mixed: Ghost Lion Nuclear Island LP

— Produced and Mixed: Jessica Hernandez “Baby” Single and B-Side

— Mixed: Valentine “Reason” Single

— Mixed: Motet LP

— Piano and Synthesizer: The Wiremen LP

— Director of Music and Organist: St John the Evangelist Lutheran Church, Brooklyn NY

— Sound Design and Composition: “The Close Line” Performance by Carol Montealegre: La Woman Festival, Bogota Colombia

— Production and Sound Design: “Tilts” Score for Rococo Productions contemporary dance performance

— Produced and Mixed: MicroDrone LP

— Mixed: Isolation Society LP

—Produced and Drums: The Heart of the Sun single

— Sound Design and Mixed: IHI Automotive campaign

—Mixed: Blue Cross and Blue Shield campaign


-- Composed: Aesop campaign

-- Composed: Chevrolet Silverado campaign

-- Original score: Polaroid " The Fish Bowl: a true story"  film

--Composed: Polaroid Eyewear campaign

--Filmed and Original score: Carol Montealegre "The Warm In Black" short film

--Filmed and Original score: Carol Montealegre "Finding Stars in the Snow" short film

--Original score: Carol Montealegre "Blinded Engagement" short film

--Produced, Engineered, Mixed: forthcoming Girlyboi LP

--Mixed: Jessica Hernandez "Oh No" single

--Original score and sound design: Lilac Theater Co. presents "American Fly: Episode1"

-- Mixed: forthcoming London Souls LP

--Mixed: forthcoming Motet singles "Supernova" and "Get It Right"

--Produced and Composed : Eric Hoegemeyer "Secret Agent" cassette



--Produced, Engineered, Mixed: Jacuzzi Boys "Ping Pong" LP

--Engineered: forthcoming Hundred Waters LP

-- Produced, Engineered, Mixed: Girlyboi "Good Looks" EP

--Co-Produced, Mixed: forthcoming Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas LP "Telephone"

-- Composed: Chevy Silverado "Saws" commercial

-- Produced: forthcoming Voluspa EP

-- Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed forthcoming tizhimself LP and EP

--Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed: forthcoming Azul LP and EP

--Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed: Lail Arad single "Chicks"

--Mixed: forthcoming KUSH EP

--Composed: 2017 Chevy Silverado reveal campaign

-- Original Score: "The Pretender" feature documentary

-- Original Score: "Logan's Syndrome" feature documentary





--Commissioned composition: Aesop  "Tacit" film

--Clio Award: Estee Lauder "Modern Muse" film series

--Composed score: forthcoming "Logan's Syndrome" film by Nathan Meier

--Composed "Sound Mystery Series" weekly experimental electronic music series

--Commisioned composition: Chevy campaign

--Produced and Engineered forthcoming Jacuzzi Boys LP

--Mixed and Co-Produced Ho99o9  "Horrors of 1999" EP

--Mixed and Co-Produced Ho99o9 "Dead Bodies In The Lake" EP

--Produced Engineered and Mixed EMPRSS "Blue" EP

--Produced Engineered and Mixed Kin Cayo singles "Shot the Sun Down" and "Our Ship" 

--Co-Produced and Mixed: Lail Arad single "Grow Up"

--Co-Produced forthcoming Heart Of The Sun EP

--Produced and Engineered forthcoming Azul LP

-- Mixed: Moonshine Bandits "Blacked Out" LP


--Filmed and scored "The Good Gray Poet" film installation at MOMA PS-1 Rockaway

--Composed title music and cues: Mario Batali's Feedback Kitchen series on Daily Motion

--Commissioned composition: Estee Lauder Modern Muse film series

--Commissioned composition: MAC Cosmetics campaign

--Commisioned composition: Chevy campaign

--Composed "Sound Mystery Series" weekly experimental electronic music series

--Commisioned composition: Reed Krakoff Fall 2014 runway show, NYC

-- Composition and Sound Design: Donna Karan runway show NY Fashion Week

--Produced Engineered and Mixed: EMPRSS LP

-- Co-Produced and Mixed: Ho99o9 "Hated in Amerikkka" EP

--Co-Produced and Mixed:  Ho99o9 7" single

--Produced and Engineered: forthcoming tizhimself EP

-- Co-Produced and Mixed: 6 tracks forthcoming Lail Arad LP

--Mixed Moonshine Bandits "Calicountry" LP

--Drummer: Patti Smith 2014 Scandanavian Tour

--Performed original compositions as TreeLaboratory on Spinning On Air program, WNYC

--Songwriter: Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas "Secret Evil" LP

--Performed original composition to the poem "New Foal" at Tibet House US annual benefit at Carnegie Hall, NYC


--Commissioned composition: The Visions of Hildegaard Von Bingen performed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

--Commissioned composition: Steven Sebring's "Revolution" 14 film installation at the 69th Regiment Armory, NYC

--Commissioned composition:  2014 Chevy Silverado campaign

--Commisioned Composition: Reed Krakoff film 8

--Produced Engineered and Mixed: Luder "Adelphophagia" LP

-- Percussion: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

--Peformed original composition "water ox vs fire rabbit" at Tibet House US annual benefit at Carnegie Hall, NYC

--Performed original composition "the good and evil spirits of the bardo" at the Rubin Museum, NYC



--Mixed: 10 Kevin Saunderson releases and remixes, KMS records

--Keyboards, Drums and Marimba: Patti Smith performance at Andy Warhol tribute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

--Produced, Engineered and Mixed: After Dark Amusement Park "Skin and Bones" LP

--Engineered: Rev Run and Kid Rock collaboration

--Commisioned Composition: Reed Krakoff films 6 and 7

--Commisioned Composition: Coach campaign

--Commisioned Composition: MAC Cosmetics campaign

-- Composed score: independent film in production based on August Strindberg play

-- Piano: Whitechapel self titled LP

-- Produced and  Engineered: Dennis Coffey self-titled LP, Strut Records

-- Drums and Keyboards: Dennis Coffey self-titled LP, Strut Records

--Produced, Engineered and Mixed: Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas "Weird Looking Women..." EP

--Piano: Black Dahlia Murder "Ritual" LP